From Triggered to TranquilBy: Susan Campbell


How Self-Compassion and Mindful Presence Can Transform Relationship Conflicts and Heal Childhood Wounds

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“In From Triggered to Tranquil , Susan Campbell shows how self-knowledge leads to self-actualization. Once you understand who you are and how you became that way, you can reframe difficult situations, change the narrative, and rewrite the script of your life.”
— Jack Canfield , coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™
“Drawing on a lifetime’s experience as a couple therapist and relationship coach, Susan Campbell shows how to recognize when we are triggered and explore what lies behind it. She presents straightforward, practical ways to return to a calmer state of mind — and does so with kindness, compassion, clarity, and wisdom. Anyone who gets triggered from time to time — and that’s just about all of us — should read this book. And keep it handy for when we find ourselves caught in some emotional reaction.”
— Peter Russell , author of Letting Go of Nothing and From Science to God
“Well written and crystal-clear, this book offers simple tools for noticing when we’ve been hijacked by our lizard brain and replacing our automatic reactions with responses that help us feel more connected to ourselves, each other, and our world.”
— John Amodeo, PhD , author of Dancing with Fire
“Dr. Campbell once again masterfully guides us all toward being more self-aware, compassionate, and skillful in communicating with others and creating authentic, healthy relationships. In From Triggered to Tranquil , she shows you how to quickly catch emotional reactivity, compassionately calm yourself, and speak with effective honesty without blame. I will recommend this book to all my clients.”
— Dr. Aziz Gazipura , bestselling author of Not Nice
“A great and practical set of skillful tools for wise and compassionate living.”
— Jack Kornfield , author of A Path with Heart
“Susan Campbell has done it. Most self-help books leave the reader on the outside, looking in. You understand what the author is saying, but their words don’t actually ignite transformation. This book does the opposite. It invites you right into the heart of your own unique experience. You feel deeply seen and genuinely understood. And you are offered tools and techniques that are immediately useful in your relational life. You don’t just make sense of your patterns; you actually begin to transform them. For anyone who wants to find peace with their triggers, this accessible and comforting book is a must-read. I loved it.”
— Jeff Brown , author of Soulshaping and Grounded Spirituality
“It sometimes seems difficult to understand why we react the way we do — why we get upset at things that seem small or we shut down when someone uses the wrong word. Susan Campbell beautifully answers the question ‘Why do we get triggered, and what can we do about it?’ with clear and simple strategies for getting back on track. I’ve been a connection teacher for over a decade, and this book taught me new language, tools, and techniques. I am already applying them in my practice and my life!”
— Sara Ness , founder and CEO of Authentic Revolution
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