Mastering the Addicted BrainBy: Walter Ling, MD


Building a Sane and Meaningful Life to Stay Clean

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“Dr. Ling, one of the world’s foremost experts on addiction, explains addiction in a way that non-scientists can understand, and he dispels the pervasive myth that this disease can’t be treated. . . . If you or a loved one is suffering addiction — or if you want to understand a disease that’s devastating our families, communities, and nation — this book is indispensable.”
— David Sheff, author of Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction and Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy “In this seemingly simple book, Dr. Ling reminds the reader that stopping drug and alcohol use is only the first, and in some ways the easiest, step in treating addiction, with the real and joyful work beginning as a new way of living unfolds.”
— Peggy Compton, RN, PhD, FAAN, Associate Professor, van Ameringen Endowed Chair, Department of Family and Community Health, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
“This beautifully written book by a prominent figure in addiction medicine provides a useful perspective for individuals whose pleasure-seeking, feel-better use of opiates has led to addiction. The book could also have been titled Getting to Know Walter Ling: Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Practitioner, Philosopher, Family Man . His wit and wisdom contribute to the appeal of his message for an even wider audience of interested readers.”
— C. James Klett, PhD “Like Dr. Ling himself, [ Mastering the Addicted Brain ] is filled with compassion, wisdom, and funny stories. Most of all, it provides a road map for how to lead a happy, balanced, and meaningful life. Addicts, their friends and family, and anyone who has struggled with difficult problems will benefit from reading this book.”
— Sandra D. Comer, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute
“There are very few entertaining and easy-to-read books about addiction that are scientifically accurate and also contain gems of ancient wisdom. Dr. Ling has provided the latter in this wonderful little handbook that contains all the essentials of recovery and a wonderful first chapter for everyone who has ever known someone struggling with this most difficult disease.”
— Jeanne L. Obert, MFT, MSM, cofounder and board chair, Matrix Institute on Addictions
“An amazing amount of information is packed into this very readable little book. Walter Ling is one of the pioneers in the field of addiction, and anyone who is affected by addiction can learn from the wisdom of this master.”
— Richard A. Rawson, PhD, Research Professor, Vermont Center on Behavior and Health
Mastering the Addicted Brain is the perfect guide to support clinicians. It provides practical, evidence-based guidance along with an easy-to-understand conceptualization of how addiction occurs. It’s useful for those who have an addiction as well as the family and friends of those who need support in their recovery. Highly recommended.”
— Robert Ali, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, University of Adelaide School of Medicine
“With this short, easy-to-read summary of his research findings and clinical wisdom, Dr. Ling has opened the door for clinicians, educators, and affected families to understand and ultimately ‘master’ addiction. There are not yet cures for addictions, but this book shows how it is possible — indeed expectable — to overcome drug cravings and relapses and to develop a rewarding life in recovery.”
— A. Thomas McLellan, addiction researcher and founder of Treatment Research Institute
“This book is delightful and easy to read, yet conveys a profound understanding of what addiction is and what it takes to overcome addiction. It is full of useful insights, thoughtful exercises, and sound advice to guide individuals along the difficult road to recovery. This book will be helpful to patients and their families as well as professionals in the addiction field.”
— Kathleen Brady, MD, PhD, former president, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
“Dr. Walter Ling’s Mastering the Addicted Brain makes the very complicated and complex information on the disease of addiction simple and direct. He explains with profound clarity the difference between getting addicted and staying addicted and getting sober and staying sober. . . . In well-laid-out steps and exercises, Dr. Ling offers guidance, support, and a simple plan for long-term recovery.”
— Kristina Wandzilak, CAS, CIP, author of The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare and founder of Full Circle Intervention and Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services
“This is a very valuable book for those afflicted by addictions, for their family and friends, and for the interested general public.”
— Professor Sir John Strang, National Addiction Centre, King’s College London
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