Overwhelmed and Over ItBy: Christine Arylo


Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World

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“There are many moments in this enlightening book that take us beyond the same work/life balance and time-management strategies that have resulted in our doing more with less for far too long. With a combination of insight, honesty, spirit, and humor, Christine Arylo helps us see and release behaviors that aren’t working, and embrace wiser choices. An empowering and smart guidebook for any woman who wants to focus her life on what matters and live in greater harmony and with a sense of purpose.”
— Bobbi Silten , Managing Director of the Shared Value Initiative and former EVP of Global Talent & Sustainability for Gap Inc.
“For more than three decades, we’ve been talking about how overwhelmed women are, yet nothing really changes. Finally, here is a manual for women to show us how to design our most productive and purposeful lives in ways that actually lead to our wholeness and wellness. Overwhelmed & Over It offers women the wisdom to return to the feminine so they can find their innate power to create a sustainable life plan that inspires what they truly want from life. This book is a powerful and transformational blueprint for change!”
— Kristine Carlson , New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women
“In this very accessible book, Christine Arylo has given us a true gift. Affirming wisdom over information, she illuminates a path to liberation not just from burnout itself, but from the structures, beliefs, and paradigms that create and drive it. Embracing the power of self-transformation as the ultimate driver of social and systemic change and interweaving yogic science, feminine wisdom, and corporate know-how, Arylo provides a whole-being approach that goes beyond typical self-care directives.”
— Leisl M. Bryant , PhD, ABPP, board-certified psychologist
“As an executive who spent too many years overworking and overdoing, I’ve changed how I view and live my life by following the grounded guidance Christine Arylo teaches. I am now designing my life to fit my deeper goals and natural flow. Her breakthrough approach to overwhelm and to living and working differently has not only transformed my life but has also positively impacted the lives of those around me, from my family to my team at work. Christine shows us the way to live a plentiful and fulfilling life without the stress and burnout that are endemic in the world today.”
— Barbara Fagan-Smith , CEO, ROI Communication and Living ROI
“As I read this book, I felt as though I had a wise mentor guiding me down the path to a richer, fuller, and more authentic life. Now, when I find myself feeling as though I’m bearing the weight of my organization, teams, or family, the principles and practices in this book are my support bolster to do things differently. I’m eternally grateful for Christine’s profound and practical life guidance and leadership wisdom. Her fierce and compassionate voice called me home to my heart.”
— Cheryl Ann Shartle , Vice President of Human Resources, Columbiana Foods, Inc.
“This book speaks to the truth we need women and girls to know and trust: that their power as leaders, mothers, partners, and humans comes from their compassionate, courageous, and wise hearts. Christine melds her deep wisdom, visionary structures, and practices into a graceful process to help us discover our unique part, path, and power — just in time. I’m gifting this brilliant book to every woman I treasure in my life!”
— Laura Berland , Executive Director, Center for Compassionate Leadership
“Both practical and mystical, Christine guides the future of the feminine with a clear voice and a devoted heart. Give this book to your women friends, and give it to yourself. As a woman who has always worked outside the ‘systems’ as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a community leader, I still find myself in situations where what I am doing, even though I love it, is not sustainable. This book offers a solution I can work with.”
— Shiloh Sophia , founder of MUSEA: Intentional Creativity®
“Liberated, energized, and filled with hope! That’s how I felt after reading Overwhelmed & Over It . Blending feminine, yogic, and earth wisdom and down-to-earth practices for daily life, this gem offers women an enlightened path for how to work, live, and manifest.”
— Renée Peterson Trudeau , speaker and author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family
“For years women have been striving and driving with so much effort to create greatness in their lives and the world. Yet instead of feeling successful and supported, too often we are left feeling like we don’t have enough, aren’t doing enough, and need to keep doing and making more. Christine Arylo has really nailed it here by giving us the ‘how’ to finally step out of these generational suffering and self-sacrificing patterns so we can realize a life that reflects our true dreams and desires. A must-read!”
— Julie Murphy , CFP, founder of JMC Wealth Management, wealth adviser, and author of Awaken Your Wealth
“Christine Arylo offers a path for women to show up as powerful forces in their lives and the world, without having to sacrifice their wellness, wholeness, and relationships to make a difference or achieve success. This is a guidebook for creating sustainable success — first for ourselves and then for our world — that is full of deep feminine wisdom, fierce truth, and practical superpowers. An essential, enlightening, and empowering read for women globally.”
— Nilima Bhat , coauthor of Shakti Leadership and founder-director of the Shakti Fellowship
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