Recovering YouBy: Steven Washington


Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction

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“Compassionate, clear, intimate, and insightful, this book truly encompasses a full spectrum of wisdom and practical guidance for anyone in recovery who is looking for something more, something a little deeper, something that will enhance and add to the traditional approach to healing addiction. It addresses not just the mind, heart, and spirit but also the body. Each chapter takes you into one aspect of the sobriety journey and then invites you to embody the energy through specific movements. Those exercises provide the missing link, the key to experiencing a genuine but gentle breakthrough and allowing the healing, epiphanies, and intuitive knowing to be integrated and become undeniable. You find yourself on a bridge toward knowing that hope is tangible and real and that new beginnings open up to extraordinary potential and possibility as faith and forgiveness lead the way to freedom. As a person with long-term sobriety, I have read many books on recovery over the years, but I can honestly say this book stands out as my ultimate favorite, a much-needed guide for our modern times. Highly recommended.”
— Colette Baron-Reid, author, educator, speaker, and artist
“Recovering You is a powerful contribution to the healing arts community. It is a thoughtfully written compilation of innovative ideas for self-care and wholistic healing. Steven Washington’s expertise and finesse in teaching qigong can have a profoundly positive impact on your nervous system and sense of self. The way Steven uses the ancient practice of qigong with Western research and his own expertise is truly brilliant. Highly recommended for those reclaiming power within themselves.”
— Lee Holden, TV personality, producer, author, and qigong master teacher
“Washington’s caring, empathetic voice is the book’s most prodigious strength. . . . Recovering You is an insightful text drawing on sober wisdom; it celebrates optimism and the possibility of navigating recovery from addiction.”
— Foreword
“Recovering You offers an understanding from personal experience of the journey from addiction to the gift of lasting recovery and ultimate freedom. Steven Washington is a beautiful soul, and his spirit and passion come through in his writing. Offering a set of tools and techniques, this is a must-read for anyone struggling with addiction and attempting to live in recovery with a sense of well-being, happiness, joy, and freedom.”
— Anita Moorjani, New York Times bestselling author of Dying to Be Me
“Steven Washington shines as brightly as his words in this memoir turned road map to peace and acceptance. Recovering You is that light you’ve been asking for, and Steven is that friend you’ve prayed for. Your recovery has already begun.”
— Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and Notes from the Universe
“Steven Washington shows us how recovery is a journey of rediscovery that can lead us back to our most authentic selves. I highly recommend Recovering You to anyone who is struggling with their identity for any reason.”
— Kristine Carlson, coauthor of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books
“As a person who has never had to face the journey of overcoming an addiction, I didn’t think this would be a book for me. But from the start, I knew it would be a powerful book to help me release limiting habits. Steven Washington makes it clear that it is for anyone who wants to move past unproductive behaviors that keep them stuck and not able to move forward. He offers you tools and holds your hand through his writing so you can discover your courage and step into living a life of joy. You might not even remember what it feels like to be empowered, strong, free, and have a love for life, or yourself. But Steven can take you to that reality of awe and wonder and, as he says, to find your ‘sober groove.’ It is truly possible to be triumphant, and through Recovering You , Steven is the ideal guide to lead you to that triumph!”
— Dondi Dahlin, bestselling author of The Five Elements
“A brilliant fusion of Steven Washington’s understanding of the recovery road, his beautiful memoir-style writing, and a masterful guide to self-care and qigong all in one, this book is a gift for any reader looking to thrive. Having lived with Steven for seven years, I can attest that his daily devotion to self-care (in all its forms) is unwavering and has radically changed his life. May Recovering You do the same for you.”
— Lee Harris, author of Energy Speaks and the Conversations with the Z’s series
“In Recovering You, Steven Washington states that he intends it ‘to function as only a small piece of anyone’s larger journey of recovery.’ I beg to differ. In sharing such a comprehensive and invaluable range of tools, practices, insights, exercises, and experiences, he’s created the definitive recovery bible for anyone at any — indeed, every — stage of their recovery journey.”
— Sandie Sedgbeer, author, host of the What is Going Om radio show, and founder of the No BS Spiritual Book Club
“This wise and thoughtful book offers a practical pathway to healing in understandable, down-to-earth language. Steven Washington’s willingness to share his own dark nights, deep in addiction, negativity, and fear, makes him approachable and believable. Are you ready to explore your own self-worth and begin choosing your own happiness? Recovering You is chock-full of tools to support your journey. It’s an open invitation to meet yourself where you are in this moment and move toward your highest potential. Isn’t it time to choose you?”
— Jane Beach, author of Freedom: Free to Be Me
“Recovering You is a truly special journey. Steven Washington combines his calm and compassionate narrative with personal stories, wonderful and practical guidance, and the seamless weaving of considerations from friends in recovery as well. It feels more like stepping onto a path of clarity rather than reading a book. This is not a book to rush through, but one to savor and take time with. Many books focus only on logical or mental aspects, but Recovering You also delves into emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Many sections caused me to reflect on aspects of my own life that I can’t ever remember seeing in this way before. Steven’s humble and honest voice allows you to drop your guard and feel at peace with exactly where you are. I highly recommend this book.”
— Doe Zantamata, author of the Happiness in Your Life series
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