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“Too many women still find it hard to speak up for themselves and the issues and causes they care about. Step into Your Moxie is a dynamic, much-needed guide for women who want to find their authentic voice, sharpen their communication skills, and speak with passion and purpose in all areas of their lives.”
— Claudia Chan, author of This Is How We Rise and CEO of S.H.E. Summit
“In all the years I’ve been in my line of work as an author and speaker, there’s been no one I’d rather get advice about ‘voice’ from than Alexia Vernon. Why? Because, as Alexia demonstrates in Step into Your Moxie , she understands everything that goes into being a powerful communicator and presenter, and she writes with memorable color and the utmost clarity.”
— Alexandra Levit, internationally bestselling author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College Humanity Works
“Alexia Vernon is a firebrand. In Step into Your Moxie , she is so funny, professional, and self-effacing, it feels like a mastermind session, therapy, and a dinner date with your best friend all rolled into one. You can’t teach people how to ‘step into your moxie’ if you’re not doing it yourself with both hustle and heart, and as someone who has followed Alexia for years, I can say without a doubt that she is a true example of this for us all.”
— Emily Bennington, author of Miracles at Work “We all have something to say, a part of us that is deeply real and powerful that’s yearning to get out. But how do we share it with the world in a way that leaves us feeling seen, heard, understood, and embraced? Step into Your Moxie is the answer. Filled with compelling stories, raw honesty, and actionable ideas, Alexia Vernon’s book gives readers permission to bring their full selves into everything they say.”
— Jonathan Fields, founder of Good Life Project and bestselling author of How to Live a Good Life
“Where passion, purpose, and skill collide, bliss resides. Alexia Vernon lives in this intersection, and her moxie is unmatched.”
— Amy Jo Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Renegades Write the Rules and host of the Why Not Now? podcast
“Alexia Vernon is in a league of her own. Her stories are relatable and captivating, and her writing connects right to the heart. This is the self-help book you’ve been waiting for to be a more powerful speaker in all areas of your life.”
— Natalie MacNeil, author of The Conquer Kit and Conquer Your Year
Step into Your Moxie is one of those rare books you fall in love with before you even finish the first chapter. A first-of-its-kind self-help book, it provides you with the tools to find and use your voice, whether to inspire, to serve, to negotiate, to heal, or to extend love. Alexia Vernon writes with courageous vulnerability, infectious humor, and a deep compassion for readers who want to claim visibility for their ideas and work but find themselves feeling stuck or unsure of how to do it. Step into Your Moxie is a book for the ages and will move you to move others with your message. Alexia Vernon has cemented herself as a leading voice in women’s empowerment.”
— Corinne Zupko, author of From Anxiety to Love “I’m putting Step into Your Moxie on my required-reading list for women wanting to speak with more power, impact, and ease in all areas of their lives. As humorous as she is full of heart, Alexia Vernon understands women’s real and, at times, self-imposed communication barriers. Her recommendations are smart, practical, and, above all, fun.”
— Barbara Stanny, wealth coach and author of Sacred Success “In Step into Your Moxie , Alexia Vernon illuminates a new, much-needed path forward for women who want to speak with authenticity and power. You’ll feel like you’ve gained a new girlfriend/sister/cheerleader in Alexia. Her encouragement and practical tools will help you reconnect with your voice and take action on what matters most to you. This book is a gift to women everywhere.”
— Sandra Joseph, author of Unmasking What Matters “Thank goodness for Alexia Vernon, who recognizes that we are overdue for a new paradigm of empowerment and is helping us find a holistic path toward reclaiming our most powerful selves. Step into Your Moxie will help you do just that — with heart, passion, and purpose. As Alexia writes, we must transform our communication with ourselves so that we can transform our communication with the world. It’s time to let our inner moxie shine.”
— Jenny Blake, author of Pivot
“Alexia Vernon shares unflinchingly honest stories and advice from the front lines of life. Her decades of experience in speaking up, running a business, and coaching shine through and make this book a catalyst for readers to unleash more moxie in this world! Pick it up if you’re ready (or want to be ready) to step into your spotlight.”
— Nathalie Lussier, founder of
“Step into Your Moxie is a powerful read that reminds women to own their voice, recognize their worth, and speak with moxie. Alexia Vernon’s work as a renowned speaking and leadership coach is apparent in this inspiring book. Her relatable and incredibly motivating advice is ideal for the business-driven, hardworking woman of today.”
— Emily Williams, owner of I Heart My Life
“Step into Your Moxie is a must-read for any woman who wants to use her words to create meaningful impact. Alexia Vernon reveals how to confidently deliver vibrant, heartfelt, and authentic presentations and shares methods for using difficult conversations as tools for better communication. Her uncomplicated and straightforward techniques will help even the most reluctant speaker find her moxie.”
— Yvonne Tally, author of Breaking Up with Busy
“I have had the opportunity to hear Alexia Vernon speak on women’s leadership and have attended several of her trainings. Her mentoring has had a huge impact on many of the big speaking and thought-leadership breakthroughs I have had in the past few years. This book is like having a portable version of Alexia I can pop in my purse and take with me everywhere.”
— Gabriela Pereira, author of DIY MFA “If you’ve ever thought that leadership, speaking up and out, or stepping forward in your community or in your life was something ‘other people’ do, Step into Your Moxie is your guide to recognize why your voice matters and to help you step forward with more confidence. Alexia Vernon shows readers how to look at the discomfort that comes along with change, navigate conflict, and do the real work to emerge in their lives with more visibility and with authentic strength.”
— Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit “This book delivers! Raw, transparent, and powerful, Alexia Vernon’s Step into Your Moxie surprised and delighted me, but more than anything it forced to me think deeply and question my beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes about how I show up in the world. I learn best from examples and case studies, and they’re perfectly sprinkled throughout the book to provide you with inspiration and clarity about developing your unique voice and moxie. Combine that with Alexia’s templates, questions, exercises, and resources, and this is one book that you will refer to again and again.”
— Natalie Sisson, author of The Freedom Plan “In Step into Your Moxie , Alexia Vernon powerfully shows women how to speak up for themselves, step into the spotlight, and become the leaders they were born to be.”
— Selena Soo, creator of Impacting Millions
“Alexia Vernon is the one to show you how to own your uniqueness and become the most compelling version of yourself.”
— Susie Moore, founder of Five Minutes to Famous
“Alexia Vernon’s powerful, thought-provoking stories and ideas will get you thinking, but more importantly, they will give you the tools and boost you need to in powerful ways so you can step into your moxie.”
— Halelly Azulay, leadership strategist and author of Employee Development on a Shoestring
“Alexia Vernon is a powerhouse. Her storytelling is masterful, her vulnerability absolute, and her insights brilliant. She had to lose her voice to help us find ours, but as you will see in Step into Your Moxie , it was well worth it.”
— Jodi Glickman, author of Great on the Job “If #MeToo has taught us anything, it is that powerful, brave, and truthful women are needed to topple tired and oppressive systems. Step into Your Moxie is the tool we have been waiting for to unlock female leadership so that our ideas, policies, products, and art take center stage. This book will give you the courage to show up, speak up, and claim your seat at the table.”
— Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work
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