Stop Being LonelyBy: Kira Asatryan


Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships
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“Kira Asatryan takes you on a step-by-step journey back to where you were meant to be: to the feeling of closeness.”
—Dr. Wendy Walsh, CNN’s human behavior expert and former cohost of The Doctors
“Loneliness is a big struggle for many. In her new book, Kira Asatryan provides us a simple yet brilliant fix.”
—Dr. Charles J. Sophy, medical director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services
“Kira Asatryan’s new book guides us with practical advice and simple steps to build fulfilling, deep connections in all areas of our lives.”
—Christine Hassler, speaker, coach, and bestselling author of Expectation Hangover
“One of the most valuable books I’ve ever read...I recommend you get one copy for yourself and another for a friend or family member.”
—Jed Diamond, PhD, author of The Irritable Male Syndrome
“An absolute must-read for anyone wishing to deepen the quality of their relationships and their life in general.”
—Linda Bloom, LCSW, coauthor of 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married
“An accessible, soulful, and wise book about making and deepening real connections with the people in your life, including yourself...Highly recommended.”
—Susan Raeburn, PhD, clinical psychologist and coauthor of Creative Recovery
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