The Bright WayBy: Diana Rowan


Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within

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“The rekindling of our creative spark is the very medicine our world needs now, and this book is an exquisite testament to creativity’s value, accessibility, and necessity. . . . A clear, step-by-step framework to access your creative spark, your light of inspiration, and to come to your own bright and wild art.”
— Danielle Dulsky, author of The Holy Wild and Seasons of Moon and Flame
“Drawing from many traditions, The Bright Way offers a friendly, well-paced system for reconnecting with one’s own artistic voice, no matter how long it’s been. Rediscovering the profound joy of the creative process can be life-changing — utterly transformative — and lots of fun, especially with Diana Rowan as your guide.”
— Sam Bennett, author of Get It Done and Start Right Where You Are
“Diana Rowan’s beautiful book will be an invaluable guide and inspiration for anyone who has felt exiled from their creative self. There are depth and wisdom here; the author’s five steps offer a powerful yet accessible and practical process that will help even the most creatively blocked of us share our gifts joyfully and confidently with the world. The Bright Way shines; in its pages, creativity becomes a magical, transformative, and healing practice that enriches both self and community.”
— Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Lessons in Magic and Empower Your Life with Sophrology
“Drawing on the riches of the world’s wisdom traditions and her own personal experience, Diana Rowan invites the reader on a journey to the creative spark that is the birthright of every human being. Filled with inventive exercises and compassionate encouragement, The Bright Way offers people from all walks of life a practical road map to the creative life.”
— Gail Needleman, cocreator of the online American Folk Song Collection (
“This is that rarest of things, the self-help book that will actually help! And for the most abstract and elusive of pursuits, creativity. Every creative person knows the paralysis of performance anxiety or being blocked — including the author, who so revealingly shares that experience, and maps a beautiful way out of it.”
— Bob Guccione Jr., editor and publisher of WONDERLUST
“This illuminated manuscript presents a beautiful path to overcoming blocks and anxiety so that you can do what matters most: live your purpose, give your gifts, and connect with others.”
— Kaia Alexander (a.k.a. K. Hollan Van Zandt), award-winning author of Written in the Ashes
“If you’ve been feeling stagnant in any aspect of your life, The Bright Way will guide you to a path of illumination and newfound creativity. Diana Rowan paints in words a clear understanding of how to access a well of peace and worthiness.”
— Joanna Garzilli, award-winning author of Big Miracles
“Artist and author Diana Rowan has given us a gift. She grounds lofty philosophies and themes in practical language and lessons, with detailed guidance on discovering, exercising, sharing, and rejoicing in each person’s creative self. . . . A virtuoso performance.”
— Patrice Adcroft, former editor in chief of Seventeen magazine and author of Every Day Doughnuts and Mother, Father, Me
“If you have ever felt stuck or unsure about sharing your creativity with the world, please read Diana Rowan’s personal story of recovery and how she harnessed her fears by learning to share from her heart. If you have any inkling of doubt about sharing your creative gifts with the world, The Bright Way will guide you in fulfilling your creative purpose.”
— Cary Broussard, author of From Cinderella to CEO and CEO of Broussard Global Communications
“A powerful tool for all on the creative path, The Bright Way guides us to reconnect with our innate creative selves. Diana Rowan is a wise and loving mentor on this journey. She distills the ancient intuitive art of creativity into a thorough, practical, and clear pathway for us all.”
— Alice Giles, world-renowned harpist
“The extraordinary Irish-born musician Diana Rowan provides a much-needed window into the creative process and spirit within each of us.”
— Sam Barry, author of How to Play the Harmonica and Other Life Lessons
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