The Holy WildBy: Danielle Dulsky


A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman

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“With conviction, defiance, and a broad, inclusive definition of womanhood, Dulsky. . . calls on women to reconnect with their wild, instinctual feminine power in this poetic yet practical guide of heathen rituals and observances.”
— Publishers Weekly
“I sank into The Holy Wild like a seed into fertile, warm soil, and I was watered to my roots, shown how to flower, and sung into seeds flying free. Grab this book and savor it. It’s a breathtaking achievement — thorough, practical, and straight from the heart and womb of the Mother.”
— Susun Weed, Peace Elder, High Priestess of the Goddess, and author of the Wise Woman Herbal series
“Danielle Dulsky has brewed another deliciously soul-gasmic book filled with truth. The Witches are waking, and it is teachers like Danielle that will help guide this wild rising into the depths of realms hidden within us all.”
— Juliet Diaz, founder of The School of Witchery
“The Holy Wild is [Danielle Dulsky’s] gutsy and glorious offering. . . her unbridled, undomesticated howl at the moon to wake us and shake us all back to our Goddess-given, soul-driven life. Danielle is a heroine who is determined to live her wild, aching truth, and in so doing, she strikes a match in her reader to do the same.”
— Sarah Durham Wilson, teacher and writer
“Dulsky’s words. . . open us up to the fathomless beauty of the wilds beyond our fences, ritualizing our approach to the Goddess our forebears once banished. This book is holy. This book is a prayer. . . . I invite you to read it.”
from the foreword by Bayo Akomolafe, PhD, author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences
“This book is an untamed, graceful invitation to taste the wild not yet lived. Brave and intimately connected to the gospel of the natural world, it reveals a reemerging path that has often been hidden and overlooked in modern society. It holds medicine for a broken paradigm and common sense for those who desire to live beautifully, empowered and free.”
— Tanya Markul, author of The She Book
“The Holy Wild inspires us to wear the magnificence that is our true garb and not the unnecessary superficial veils that hide our insecurities, caused by deep wounds. To truly heal and become transformed is the reason for our presence here, and Danielle’s words are a manifesto of this reality.”
— Manoshi Chitra Neogy,
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