The Power of Daily PracticeBy: Eric Maisel, PhD


How Creative and Performing Artists (and Everyone Else) Can Finally Meet Their Goals

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“Blending his roles as philosopher, psychotherapist, masterful creativity coach, and human being, Eric Maisel invites us into a life of deeper purpose and abundant joy through the power of daily practice. Thank you, Eric, for this comprehensive, inspiring book. It’s right on time!”
— Jacob Nordby, author of The Creative Cure
“Eric Maisel’s new book, The Power of Daily Practice , is a constellation of practical magic for anyone wanting to create and make more things real. Every page is like an ignition switch, and the whole book is a big paper mentor encouraging and supporting you all the time.”
— SARK, author and artist,
“In The Power of Daily Practice , Eric Maisel does more than illustrate why a daily practice can be any creative person’s (that means all of us) most powerful tool. He also gives us, point by inspiring point, components that make up such a practice. He leads would-be practitioners through a variety of potential daily practices that can enrich their lives. Finally, with generosity and clarity, Maisel offers practical solutions and creative ideas to meet any challenges along the way. This is an altogether complete and invigorating manual for living a rich and meaningful life, day in and day out.”
— Judy Reeves, author of A Writer’s Book of Days and Wild Women, Wild Voices
“The Power of Daily Practice has radically changed my practice and my thinking, evoking a richer and more expansive understanding of the possibilities and the power of daily practice. Coaches, therapists, and lifestyle medicine professionals will find The Power of Daily Practice a wonderful resource. I plan to use it as a primary text in all the wellness classes I teach!”
— Kathleen Jones, certified health and wellness coach
“The Power of Daily Practice is the most powerful and comprehensive guide to the art and benefits of daily practice that I have ever seen. It is all you need to cultivate a life-enriching practice of your own. Read this inspiring book, and you will see your daily life, and what you choose to include in it, in new, vastly expanded ways!”
— Lynda Monk, director of the International Association for Journal Writing
“Creators intuitively understand the benefits of paying daily attention to their art. Eric Maisel spells out those benefits in his brilliant new book, The Power of Daily Practice . He describes every element of practice, what challenges to expect, and what you can do to meet those challenges. Every visual artist, every writer, every composer — every creative person — must get his or her hands on this astonishingly good book.”
— Roccie Hill, executive director of the Mendocino Art Center
“Creating a daily practice and engaging in it is proving to be an enormously rewarding, life-changing, and exciting experience for me. I’m very much looking forward to deepening my experience in the months to come. I’ve found The Power of Daily Practice to be a highly effective guide and an invaluable resource filled with practical advice, engaging stories, and real wisdom. I’ve built a rewarding daily practice, and finally I’m making progress toward my business, personal growth, educational, and artistic goals.”
— Ann Debontridder, international ESL teacher
“The Power of Daily Practice encouraged me to bring reverence to my daily practices, elevating their meaning and bringing real possibility to my life. My daily practices now truly reflect my goals in life and have given me a satisfying framework for living my most productive and meaningful life possible.”
— Elena Greco, singer, creativity coach, and holistic counselor
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