Your Body Will Show You the WayBy: Ellen Meredith


Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

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“This delicious book teaches you how to listen and make sense of what your body is saying, and how to respond creatively. You’re going to love Ellen Meredith’s new energy medicine techniques to support awakening and change. I really believe that your life will be empowered and strengthened forever when you feel the confidence to communicate with your own body and allow your energies to guide you into better health and more joy and vitality — plus, you will have these tools for a lifetime. I am going to shout about this book from the rooftops! Superb!”
— Donna Eden, bestselling author of Energy Medicine
“Ellen will help you develop new ways of understanding and communicating with your body. You’ll learn to see with fresh eyes the situations in your life that have previously kept you stuck. . . . Ellen invites us to nothing less than a rebirth of ourselves, understanding the possibilities we have to shift and change and grow into a future we truly desire. These simple ideas are magnificent in their scope and can lead to a new reality within your physical body and your life.”
— from the foreword by Lauren Walker, creator of Energy Medicine Yoga and bestselling author of The Energy to Heal
“Your Body Will Show You the Way is the title and promise of Ellen Meredith’s new book, and Ellen certainly does show us the way. She breaks boundaries, gets us thinking, inspires, motivates, and guides us in new ways of self-care, tapping into ancient wisdom that helps us deal with modern life and its challenges. This innovative book is without doubt a must-read!”
— Madison King, mentor, teacher, and author of Everyday Energy
“I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book! So often we block ourselves from our own healing abilities. This book will help you discover how to both listen and respond to your body so you can begin to heal, grow, and thrive both inside and out. The techniques shared are clear and easy to follow, and Ellen Meredith’s fun-loving style of writing makes this book easy to digest. A must-read for anyone interested in learning more about the amazing power of bodily wisdom.”
— Sherianna Boyle, author of Emotional Detox Now: 135 Self-Guided Practices to Renew Your Mind, Heart & Spirit
“If you are sensitive by nature and want to develop a deeper relationship with your body and your inner strength, Your Body Will Show You the Way works as a brilliant and loving map. Ellen Meredith’s book also includes powerfully vulnerable storytelling, which makes it so relatable. Full of insights and exercises, this book will help you bridge spirit, earth, and your body in a loving, concise, and very timely way.”
— Lee Harris, author of Energy Speaks
“Your Body Will Show You the Way is a brilliant guide to resolving our issues at every level. Ellen Meredith has given us comprehensive, practical, and effective tools for internal dialogue, much needed as we deal with the overwhelming stresses of our time. Thank you!”
— Devi Stern, advanced Eden Method practitioner and author of Energy Healing with the Kabbalah
“Ellen Meredith’s Your Body Will Show You the Way is an essential guidebook for navigating these turbulent times of change, both personally and collectively. Come home to yourself through these easy-to-follow, transformational practices as you add your light to the world. Start today to live with more grace, ease, and joy! I highly recommend it!”
— Karen R. Onofrio, MD, certified Eden Method practitioner
“Once again Ellen Meredith takes us on a deeper, ‘inside’ journey to unlock our body’s own natural healing abilities. Gently guiding us and holding a safe, energetic space, she offers both emotional support and encouragement as she reassures us, ‘your body will show you the way.’ I encourage you to make a radical change and join Ellen in taking the next step on your inner healing journey to be well within .”
— Dr. Melanie Smith, doctor of Oriental medicine, advanced energy medicine practitioner, teacher, and author of the Energy Medicine for Healthy Living and Tap Into Your Vagus Nerve’s Healing Power online series
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