8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals
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Transform Aspirational Thoughts into Life-Changing Results

What’s the biggest challenge you face if you want to accomplish great things? It’s getting and keeping the right mindset, according to the hundreds of high achievers Julia Pimsleur has interviewed and worked with as a business coach. In Go Big Now, Pimsleur distills two decades of studying complex mindset practices into eight essential “mindset keys” that can be used by anyone to get the Go Big Mindset and achieve ambitious professional and life goals. Pimsleur shares personal stories of how she used these keys to raise venture capital and build multimillion-dollar companies, and illustrates each key with an example from a leader, CEO, or celebrity whose mindset catapulted them to success. You’ll learn to reframe perceived setbacks, replace unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and stay motivated to pursue your big goal, even in the face of massive hurdles. With the Go Big Mindset, you’ll boost your mental resilience and discover how to think your way to bigger, better results.


Go Big Now blends scientific research with practical tips and genuine vulnerability so that anyone can apply these mindset practices to reach their goals. An incredible achievement!”
— Chris Yeh, bestselling coauthor of Blitzscaling and cofounder of the Global Scaling Academy

Go Big Now is an essential playbook for any leader who wants to learn the mindset it takes to scale up. From her experience raising venture capital to her leadership of the Million Dollar Women movement, Julia Pimsleur has lived the advice in this book, and she’s the perfect guide for anyone who wants to multiply their impact exponentially.”
— Verne Harnish, founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Julia Pimsleur’s authenticity, vulnerability, and storytelling will blow you away. You’ll discover that the people you admire who are übersuccessful were at one point exactly where you are right now — they just had some secrets, which Julia has been gracious enough to share with us.”
— Tiffany Dufu, founder and CEO of The Cru and author of Drop the Ball

“A must-read for women entrepreneurs. Julia Pimsleur coaches from all angles — logistical, psychological, financial — and gives those with seemingly insurmountable obstacles clear steps for improving their mindsets, and their lives!”
— Ada Calhoun, bestselling author of Why We Can’t Sleep

“No one knows the mindset it takes to ‘go big’ better than Julia Pimsleur. Creating a more exciting and meaningful life starts with changing the way you think, and this book will tell you exactly how to do that — in record time.”
— Elaine Pofeldt, Forbes senior contributor and author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business

“So many people think small and are therefore unable to change when confronted with adversity. I know because I’ve been there myself . . . . Julia not only outlines the principles for having a successful life and business, she also shares wonderful stories from a wide variety of interesting people.”
— David Meerman Scott, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and Wall Street Journal bestselling coauthor of Fanocracy

“This is the book you want to keep on your nightstand for those moments when you are not sure you can do it and you know you must!”
— Kristin Golliher, CEO of WildRock Public Relations & Marketing

“One of the most relevant and applicable books I’ve read this year. Julia Pimsleur is the real deal and understands what it takes for an entrepreneur to bring their business to the next level. She speaks the absolute truth about the results you can get from consistently stepping outside your comfort zone. I can’t wait to share this book with our franchise system nationwide so they can hit the ground running with Julia’s eight mindset best practices.”
— Zach Cohen, CEO of the Junkluggers of New York City

“For anyone who’s ever questioned their abilities, wondered if they really have what it takes, or felt they weren’t living up to their dreams, Julia Pimsleur has a message: it’s time to ‘go big now.’ With wisdom, generosity, and insight, she shares her own reinvention journey and leap into entrepreneurial success, and shows you the path. This book will inspire you to take action.”
— Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You and executive education faculty member, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Go Big Now is the perfect road map for anyone ready to go outside their comfort zone and embrace the possibilities on the other side. This book takes you to the intersection of inspiration and aspiration, giving you the actionable steps you need to get there. I can’t wait to give this to my coaching clients and help them use the eight mindset keys to get promoted, lead their teams, and think big.”
— Denise Harris, executive coach and leadership consultant

“Julia Pimsleur’s writing is so enjoyable that it would be easy to read this book in a single sitting, but her thinking is so important that you would be doing yourself a disservice. These are not words to be consumed, but ideas to live by.”
— Richard Mulholland, founder of Missing Link: Presentation Powerhouse

“Julia Pimsleur’s superb writing, with powerful stories and elegant steps for change, make this a book for anyone who is looking to change their limiting beliefs and create a successful life. Her writing and storytelling will guide you to transform your mindset and your outcomes.”
— Rachel Hott, PhD, codirector of the NLP Center of New York

“Julia Pimsleur’s book teaches you not only to dream big, but to put that big thinking into action! It’s an incredible resource for those who have held themselves back from living the life they have always wanted!”
— Carrie Kerpen, bestselling author of Work It

“Will delight self-help readers who want to identify and overcome common barriers to success.”
Midwest Book Review