Know Yourself, Forget YourselfBy: Marc Lesser


Five Truths to Transform Your Work, Relationships, and Everyday Life

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“Zen monk Lesser makes a case for embracing paradoxes to succeed in every arena in life....This compassionate and sage likely to help many make life-enhancing changes.”
— Publishers Weekly
“Cognitive dissonance has never felt so pure and poetic. Full of wise irony and simple truths, this book is a treasure for the ages.”
— Chip Conley , founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and author of Emotional Equations
“An illuminating and insightful book.”
— Sharon Salzberg , author of Real Happiness
“Marc Lesser shows us a path through the contradictions within us....A wonderful and profound book.”
— Van Jones , president of Rebuild the Dream
“After a lifetime of Zen study, Marc Lesser has distilled the life lessons of Buddhist practice into sane, eminently useful, result-oriented procedures that will cut through confusion, anxiety, and self-defeating behaviors....I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”
— Peter Coyote (Hosho Jishi), actor, writer, and Zen priest
“In our work together at Google, I have seen firsthand Marc’s extraordinary melding of Zen teacher and business leader, a combination that some people might consider a contradiction. Now in this extraordinary book, Marc shows us not only that contradictions are everywhere, but that embracing them can actually make us happier!”
— Chade-Meng Tan , Google’s Jolly Good Fellow and bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself
“Know Yourself, Forget Yourself is a treasure trove of applied wisdom.”
— Joan Halifax , founding abbot of Upaya Zen Center
“Marc Lesser’s life experiences as a Zen student and priest, CEO, small business owner, consultant, and executive coach give him a unique perspective on how to enhance your life by increasing your gifts to everyone you engage with.”
— Ben Cohen , cofounder of Ben & Jerry’s
“Marc Lesser has given us a leadership bible that, if practiced, will tap into the power of our own inner awareness and gently nudge us to transform ourselves, our relationships at work and home, and in the process, our country and world. This book is a gem.”
— Congressman Tim Ryan , Thirteenth District in Ohio, author of A Mindful Nation
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